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Your benefits

Whatever applications you intend to use our drives for, whatever electronics the speed feedback from the drives is to be linked up to, xxx from our diverse range of encoders.

Do you need speed, torque or positioning control? We can implement your requirements with our incremental and absolute encoders.

Would you like to reduce the outlay associated with connections? Single-cable technologies such as MOVILINK® DDI are the solution you need.

The electronic nameplates integrated into the sine and absolute encoders enable simple startup.

Encoders with MOVILINK® DDI interfaces automatically take care of the data exchange in seconds and reduce the startup procedure to system-specific adjustments and optimizations.

Ability classes

Our large selection of encoders enables you to control your drive and therefore your plant according to your requirements:

  • Built-in encoders (perfectly integrated into the motor without adding to its length) or add-on encoders (with numerous electrical interfaces available)
  • Incremental encoders for feeding back a change in position with the standard electrical interfaces TTL (transistor-transistor-logic), HTL (high-voltage-transistor-logic) and SinCos (SineCosine)
  • Single and multi-turn absolute encoders for feeding back an absolute angular position with the standard electrical interfaces Hiperface® or SinCos combined with SSI (synchronous-serial interface) or RS485
  • Encoders with an additional or fully digital interface (e.g. SinCos incremental encoders or absolute encoders) are delivered with an electronic nameplate completed by SEW-EURODRIVE for simple, safe, convenient and rapid startup.

Ability classes are used to identify the functionality of the encoder system, irrespective of the drive system involved. These classes are the Basic Class, Medium Class, and High Class. This makes it possible to find the perfect solution to fit your drive task.

Find the correct encoder for your motor here.

Encoder system ability classes
 Basic ClassMedium ClassHigh Class
Basic abilitiesSpeed monitoring
simple positioning
Basic Class abilities
Medium Class abilities
Speed controlMedium dynamics,
medium speed and torque noise
Highest dynamics,
minimum speed and torque noise
Position controlHigh resolution
good precision
Highest resolution, maximum precision
Control modeCFC, VFCCFC
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