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Your benefits

Space saving
due to a more compact design than other common types of gearboxes of the same performance.

High operational reliability
through a robust gearbox design according to the latest calculation methods and through an FEM-optimized, bending-resistant housing design.

Reduced costs
thanks to the high thermal gear performance, which means that you can dispense with cost-intensive, external cooling systems, depending on the condition.

thanks to a wide range of attachment and equipment options, such as various output shafts, torque support, backstop, and much more.

Complete documentation
via our online support, which provides you with operating instructions, dimension sheets and 3D models at the push of a button.

Compact, flexible and economical

Whether hollow shaft or solid shaft, with or without a key, smooth or spline according to DIN 5480, horizontal, vertical or angled mounting position. The planetary gear units of the P-X.e series as well as the gear units of the P series and Generation X.e offer you all possibilities to adapt to your application.

Contact form Worldwide locations In detail: P-X.e series planetary gear units with primary bevel-helical gear unit X.e

Features and properties:

  • High thermal rating
  • Universally applicable due to distinctive modular technology
  • Various, predefined additional equipment and options
  • Can be used in low temperature ranges < -25 °C
  • Customer specific adaptations are possible
Gear unit typeGear ratio
Nominal torque MN2
P-X.e bevel-helical planetary gear unit: 160 – 560100 – 500

We also offer tailored project solutions upon request.

All applications that require mean output speeds and a high torque. For example:

  • Apron feeders and bucket wheel drives in mining
  • Filling processes in the cement industry
  • Material processing systems, e.g. mixers, rotary filters
  • Drum washing systems in the pulp and paper industry
  • Particle board systems in the wood industry
  • Shredding machines in the recycling industry
  • Drying processes in the construction materials industry