Failure management in sewage treatment plants

Rectifying failures in sewage treatment plants: Finding the fault in the system quickly and rectifying the cause yourself

The aim of every sewage treatment plant operator is to return clean water to nature and avoid breakdowns as much as possible. Nevertheless, failures can occur in drive technology. In this case, it is important to identify the possible causes in order to implement the correct measures.

"Failure management" infographic

Icons for oil, temperature, and wear
Failure management for drive systems in sewage treatment plants

If a failure occurs in the drive system of the waste water technology, there is no time to lose to resolve the problem. So it's even better if you can rectify the failure yourself. In order to prepare for emergencies, we have summarized possible failures, their causes, and suitable corrective measures in an infographic. For example, if the oil pump of the gear unit in your waste water technology has no suction, the most common cause is air in the suction line of the oil pump. This problem can be solved by filling the suction line and oil pump with oil and then venting the pump on the pressure side.

This is just one example of how you can quickly take action yourself in the event of a failure. In the event of failure of the drive technology, the most important thing to do is analyze the fault and determine the cause in order to initiate countermeasures quickly.

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