Body shop in the automotive industry

  • Body shop in the automotive industry

    The production of bodies-in-white is characterized by a high degree of automation, and is very demanding in terms of the flexibility required when changing models.

A new plant design for every model change, top-level machine safety and real-time communication – the demands of the body shop are many and varied. Make sure that your standards of consistency, safety and reliability are up to scratch.

Your benefits

  • Reduction in complexity

    thanks to integrated drive and automation solutions for greater flexibility and availability
  • Increased safety

    thanks to our tried-and-tested safety technology and years of experience in the industry

Our body shop solutions

Stationary materials handling technology

Materials handling technology is used in a wide range of applications. In addition to having a modular structure, it is important to reduce the amount of variants used. Our MAXOLUTION® packages can help you to reduce both the complexity of your plant and your installation costs significantly. Our drive technology and expert knowledge guarantee maximum productivity, energy efficiency and reliability for your plants. Our consultants will work together with you to develop concepts tailored to your individual needs.

Our solutions for your requirements

Mobile materials handling technology

Mobile materials handling technology in the body shop

We implement variable, efficient, stand-alone mobile transport systems to manage the flow of materials within your company, thus increasing your efficiency. From drive and automation technology to safety technology and energy management, we will find the right products and systems for you. Our expert consultants will provide you with comprehensive support and work together with you to develop future-proof concepts.

Our solutions for your requirements

Electrified monorail system – EMS

The benefits of using our drive technology: simple startup and operation, increased safety and flexibility, and above all reduced costs for installation and operation.

Stacker crane – SRS

High drive technology availability, low maintenance costs and up to 50% lower energy consumption thanks to regenerative power supply modules – this is what makes our SRS so attractive.

Automated guided vehicle systems – AGVS

How you benefit compared to other automated logistics systems: greater flexibility, no obstruction of floor space, standardization and thus a high level of efficiency.

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