Engineering & selection Drive selection

Drive selection couldn't be easier: Just select the application and enter the relevant application data

Product configurator

Configure products, select options, request or order directly: it's easy with the product configurator

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Variant management

Have a glance at the implemented drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE, select preferred types of new products: no problem with variant management

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Select replacement product

Order or request a replacement product: Simply enter the serial number and begin

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Energy efficiency tools

Optimize energy consumption and lower energy costs: Directly in the engineering process with the energy savings tools

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Selection guide for functional safety

Select products for safety technology and configure them: Directly in the safety configuration library

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Motor/inverter characteristics
Inquiry & order Create inquiry or order

Create inquiries, submit orders: via the central shopping cart in Online Support

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Transaction overview

All transactions with SEW-EURODRIVE at a glance: from templates to service transactions

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All templates at a glance: Open directly for further processing

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All quotations at a glance: Open documents easily, order directly, and more

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All orders at a glance: Track the status of your orders directly, open documents easily, and more

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Service transactions

All service transactions at a glance: Track the current status and more

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Delivery & material flow Order status

Track orders: Directly in the transaction overview with all of the details

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Request dispatch notification

Apply for a dispatch notification: Track the next shipments conveniently and directly

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Startup & maintenance Select spare parts and accessories Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting made easy: with guided analysis for your product and direct contact to our Service

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CDM® database

The CDM®database offers a complete package with individual service modules to ensure the availability of expensive machines and systems.

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Return process

The products today are the basic materials for tomorrow – If you give us our product MOVI4R-U®back at the "end of life" we will take care of the recycling.

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Check & activate software licenses DriveRadar® IoT Suite
Data & documents CAD data

Generate and download CAD data: Easily and conveniently in a variety of formats or as a direct import into your CAD program

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Wiring diagrams, dimension sheets, manuals and more: all of the documentation on the required product, general documentation, everything compiled for compactness

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Product data

Learn everything important about the product: Simply enter the serial number on the nameplate

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Get started immediately with your product: Simply download the software required, e.g. MOVITOOLS®MotionStudio, and more

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